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SKYLINK COMMUNICATIONS : is a wireless specialist company. Though the broadband wireless market (WISPs) we provide services to all aspects of the wireless industry whether it be WIFI, PRE-WIMAX, WIMAX & LTE.

Many Wireless ISPs do not have a good RF Engineer on staff. A good RF Engineer is hard to find, and nor are good RF Engineers cheap. That is where Skylink Communications comes in. Skylink Communications works on a project by project basis. Skylink Communications is, in short, your RF Engineering department!

SKYLINK COMMUNICATIONS : was set up as a proprietorship company in 2008 to provide wireless Networking Solutions. In 2008, Skylink had started its operation to cater into the East market with an objective to provide wireless solutions in the emerging markets.

Skylink, over the last two years has built up a reputation of being one of the most innovative Wireless networking companies in India. The wide spectrum of Solutions offering enables Skylink to compete against the best of breed in technology & Services. It also enables a very sound technical understanding & knowledge of the business, customer needs & technical updating that so dynamically happens.

While all competing networking companies focus on building LAN & WAN Infrastructure, Skylink focuses its energies beyond. Skylink is the only company that can provide comprehensive understanding of Wireless Networks’ performance built already or the ones getting built. We take pride in qualifying ourselves as a Wireless Network Solutions Provider.

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