Campus LAN Solutions

Skylink Communication, since its inception, has been providing exceptional telecommunication and internet network solutions. We are proud to serve our clients for the past decade and intend to continue offering assistance to mid-scale and large-scale companies.

You can expect the following advantages with our solutions:

In today’s fast-paced world, it is imperative for companies to have better accessibility ensuring a streamlined workflow. However, this is only possible when an establishment encapsulates its entire networking system in a single network.

Our Campus LAN Solutions will help you interconnect numerous LAN (Local Area Networks) within your required area establishing a unified network. With it, we ensure that you do not face any connectivity issues when transferring data across your work campus. Moreover, it will help you achieve superior connectivity irrespective of where you are on the said campus.

Why Use Campus LAN Solutions?

Data transfer becomes easy and quick with the use of a unified networking system giving access to all the data related to your company in one place.

The greatest benefit of our campus LAN network services is that it uses wireless connections. This aids you in achieving excellent connectivity even in areas where wired solutions cannot reach.

Since it is a combination of Local Area Networks, a single proxy server or firewall is enough to protect it. This makes keeping your data secure both easy and convenient.

Why Choose Our Campus LAN Solutions?

We do not believe in offering a standard solution to each of our clients. Thus, we design each of our solutions based on the particular requirements of yours. To make sure that our assistance will indeed help your business, we conduct a thorough RF survey. For this, we use a simulator that helps us understand the key areas in your campus and create a robust networking infrastructure.

Our solutions are just not a result of thorough research and survey. It is the great minds of our industry best engineers who give shape to the collected data. Their experience helps them anticipate probable issues and provide accurate solutions for the same.

Skylink has a wide array of satisfied clients who are now reaping the results of our networking solutions. After working with large-scale projects for over a decade, we have developed an idea of moulding our solutions according to a business’s needs. 

As professionals providing solutions for years in the market, we understand the importance of sticking to the budget. Hence, all our services, including Campus LAN Solutions, are designed keeping your exact budget in mind. Furthermore, we consult and decide with you before all the major installations so that you understand that you are getting exactly what you have invested in.

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