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Opt for PTMP wireless links

Point-to-multiplepoint or PTMP topology is a fairly prevalent network architecture used by businesses for outdoor wireless networks. As the name suggests, it connects multiple locations to a single central location making the latter a sort of headquarter for the network.

If you own a significantly large business, you can consider opting for a PTMP wireless link.

What Can You Use PTMP for?

It is a great fit for CCTV and security systems, especially if you are covering significantly large areas in remote locations.

If you want to establish a reliable communication link for unforeseeable disasters, PTMP will be an ideal choice to implement backup links.

In the case of only a few subscriber endpoints, our PTMP network solution can match the speed of almost every leased line offering and streamline the connectivity. 

How Will Our PTMP Solutions Help You?

This particular link covers a radius of about 2-4 km, which is why it is ideal for wide-area surveillance. However, this limit can get altered depending upon its demand, and it has nothing to do with the kind of technology you use.

Our PTMP wireless link base stations usually have aggregated speeds that can get significantly high. This is sufficient to support multiple endpoints and work significantly better than its wired counterparts.

Our point-to-multiple point wireless links provide you with carrier-grade reliability. Furthermore, as we conduct a thorough RF survey before deploying the solutions, we determine a fixed number of endpoints that improves the number of favourable conditions for your company.

Traditional linking methods usually require a lot of gigging and fixing since there are a huge amount of cables are involved.

On the contrary, our PTMP wireless link is pretty effortless to install while offering far better results.

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