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Skylink Communications aims to ease the workflow of our clients by offering assistance specific to their particular needs. Our wireless IP camera solutions are no different. You can expect the following with our services:

Surveillance and CCTV technology have come quite a long way now. What used to be just simple video footage monitoring is now capable of identifying unusual behaviour and events. As an established business, you must keep an eye on all the activities taking place in your building and areas related to your business. Through wireless IP camera solutions, you will be able to enhance safety and productivity as well.

What Are the Primary Benefits of IP Cameras?

IP cameras have a resolution as high as 30 MP and are capable of zooming into footage without ruining the quality of the video.

You can access your surveillance cameras and view real-time feed anytime by just connecting to the internet.

These cameras do not only let you see the footage in real-time, but you also can send and download them, irrespective of the location.

Why Avail Our IP Network Cameras?

With technological development, the need for excessive equipment has also reduced. Our IP camera solutions only consist of the crucial components. We do not waste money or time in making your surveillance complicated. Less number of components also translates to low maintenance and more savings in the long run.

The standard cameras will not suffice the needs of a large-scale company. You need superior quality cameras that will effectively create a surveillance infrastructure for your company. As a professional IP camera service provider, we offer you exactly that. 

Unlike the analogue cameras, which needed to be connected directly to a DVR, the IP cameras from the same area are connected to a single switch that is connected to an NVR. Therefore, you can easily amplify the number of cameras in your area or slightly move its location as these are all wireless devices.

Since we try to reduce the number of equipment used and the entire solution is wireless, its installation process is quite easy. In addition, our experts pay extra attention to implementing our wireless IP camera solutions so that they do not hinder your business procedures.

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