Enterprise Network and Security Solutions

Over the years, Skylink has been providing professional wireless and networking solutions to large scale businesses in India. Now we have ventured into the very crux of telecommunication and connectivity, offering solutions regarding every possible aspect of it. Some distinctive advantages of our services are:

Every business has confidential information that they cannot afford to get leaked. This becomes especially difficult for large scale companies with multiple locations and continual transaction of information.

To curb that very issue, we at Skylink have designed enterprise network and security solutions. We understand that network itself is your company’s greatest security asset. That is why we have come up with five different solutions under this umbrella.

Some Notable Services Under Our Industry Network Security Solutions

We offer a LAN infrastructure that offers you seamless access to the internet and streamlined data transfer.

Our solutions are as per your specific requirement and what suits your company the best. If required, we do not limit ourselves to wireless infrastructure and provide wired solutions as well.

With the NXTGEN firewall and IPS solutions, you will have complete data security. Our services are not just for your company’s current operations but a corridor that leads to your business’s future.

Why Come to Us for Industrial Network and Security Solutions?

To ensure that you achieve the best results from our services, Skylink conducts a detailed RF survey prior to every assistance we provide. We use a de-licenced band and simulate the probable scenario of our services in a simulator. This helps us gauge how well our services will work and what issues can you face. 

Simply applying what the simulator suggests would not achieve the quality we offer at our company. It is a combination of the survey results and the expert minds of our engineers. They incorporate their years of experience to ensure you only get the finest solution to be it for networking or security.

We understand that every business has its own way of operating, and a single framework might not be useful to all of them. Hence, we design projects based on what would suit your company the most and do not deviate to any other idea.

After offering niche networking assistance to India’s top companies for over a decade, we have now become one of the most sought after companies. This is also why we are always driven to better our Enterprise Network and Security Solutions even more and only provide industry best assistance to you.

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