Lightning Arrester Solutions

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Towers are prone to get hit by lightning under unprecedented circumstances. And when that happens, the sudden surge of charge disrupts the entire mechanism of the tower. Moreover, there is no way you can repair the damages inflicted by even a single lightning strike. So, if you are looking forward to installing a tower for your company’s personal communication use, you must opt for proper lightning arrester solutions as well.

Lightning arresters are devices that channel the lightning’s charge to the ground and naturalise it.

Benefits of Our Lightning Arrestors

Since it practically prevents the tower from getting hit by lightning, it keeps it safe from the potential dangers.

It is simply a device you install at the top of your tower and let it do its job for you, making it extremely easy to use.

As it significantly lowers the damage to practically none, you do not have to go through replacements regularly.

Why Select Us As Your Lightning Arrester Provider?

Our service begins with a thorough RF survey as our lightning arrester services are only meant for telecommunication towers. We also survey the location and generate simulations to see how effective our assistance will be.

With the help of the data we have collected from the survey and the simulations, we create a thorough plan for you.

The plan is devised keeping your business and requirements in mind.

Along with the lightning arrester solutions, we also connect a lightning counter near the earthing solution. This device counts the number of times your tower was hit by lightning, and our solution successfully protected it.

All our engineers possess in-depth knowledge when it comes to providing telecommunication solutions. They use their practical experience and knowledge to devise solutions that are specific to your company’s requirements.

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