Wireless and Wired Infrastructure for Enterprises


Wireless and Wired Infrastructure for Enterprises

Though wireless solutions have become old news in the industrial sector, many are yet to master it completely. However, at Skylink Communications, we have figured out the formula to optimum connectivity and now wish to offer the same to other companies. Furthermore, we aim to achieve sustainability while the commercial sector transitions to a better method of data transferring.

Hence, we offer:

Currently, what large scale companies are struggling with the most is establishing a thorough connection between all their locations. Be it wired or wireless, the connectivity should be scalable and uninterrupted.

We are one of Indian’s expert connectivity solutions providers and build professional wireless and wired infrastructure for enterprises. While previously, people only deemed wired networking to be secured, in the present day and age, wireless solutions are also secure. Hence, we offer infrastructural assistance for both and leave the choice to you.

Why Do You Require: Wireless or Wired Networking Infrastructure?

One can easily expand wireless networking infrastructure by simply connecting few new devices to the existing one. Wired solutions are also scalable; however, in that case you would have to wire all the new devices onto it.

If you choose to create a completely wireless infrastructure, you enable your employees to stay connected with the network system without being bound to a specific place.

Our wired and wireless solutions offer you exceptional speed and let you transfer information without any delay. This, as a large-scale company with no time to spare, is a big advantage and will help you improve the overall workflow.

Why Avail of Services from Skylink?

When talking about networking services, security is one of the foremost concerns that companies have. While both wired and wireless networking both tend to be secure in nature, we especially ensure that your confidential information is not leaked.

Unlike other service providers, we do not directly jump into framing services for our clients. Rather we conduct a proper RF survey across your area and determine all its key points. We use simulation software through which we get an idea about how our solutions will perform once implemented. With its help, we try to better our plan of action before the final installation.

Along with the detailed RF survey, the experience of our engineers is also at play when designing the ideal solution for you. They would use their years of experience to interpret the data reflecting on our simulator and suggest the best possible solution to you.

Unlike most companies, we do not simply offer you a pre-framed solution. Rather our wireless and wired infrastructure for enterprises are all designed after a thorough discussion and detailed survey. We only offer custom assistance and ensure that what we provide will be of most use to you.

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