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Skylink Communications is one of the biggest names in eastern Indian when it comes to telecommunication solutions. We have been providing our assistance to diverse companies since 2009.

With the experience and knowledge we have gained in the past decade, we offer you:

Often, individuals suspect that wireless connectivity will perform poorly, especially when put into an industrial setting. However, any solution that has not been executed properly will fail to provide effective results. Hence, you must avail assistance from a reputed company to get the performance you require. We, at Skylink, assure you that our PTP wireless link or point-to-point solutions will help you achieve increased productivity with the least amount of effort.

Some of the Best Advantages of PTP Links

This type of communication poses hardly any risk of accidents like electrical fires, as there are no wires or cables involved in it.

Point-to-point wireless technology is completely compatible with WAN (Wide Area Network), thereby helping you to connect two distantly placed communication devices.

Since an unspecified third party cannot access the communication channels of a PTP protocol, your data remains entirely safe.

What Does Skylink Offer?

As a solution provider for large and mid-scale businesses, we have dealt with several remote locations successfully. PTP links are ideal for secluded locations as they ensure excellent connectivity without any physical extension required.

Large-scale organisations often transfer massive files, which require adequate speed to reach the other end on time. With our assistance, you can be sure of superior speed and bandwidth for your functions. This way, you can effortlessly send crucial information without any delay.

Apart from being fast, PTP also offers smooth and effortless transmission of audiovisual and text information. Our PTP wireless link solutions offer an output quality that is better than what you can achieve with primitive wired communication methods.

Our installation capabilities ensure you get a constant connection without any fail.

This, therefore, removes the need for you to establish a connection every time you want to transmit a piece of information.

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