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Skylink Communications has been a pioneer of IT infrastructure and telecommunication services in the eastern region of India. We have been in the market for over 10 years now, and our solutions reflect the knowledge and expertise we have gained.

Telecommunication is an indispensable part of the proper functionality of any company, be it big or small. However, it becomes especially difficult to establish smooth communication when a company is scattered across several locations. While there are infrastructures available to support, the towers of telecom companies can only do so much for an individual enterprise. Hence, large and mid-scale businesses should not just rely on them and have their personalised tower infrastructure solutions that facilitate only their communication requirements.

Skylink offers professional tower infra services to our clients to streamline their communication and data transmission process. In addition, personal tower solutions have several benefits that companies aiming to expand must avail in today’s day and age.

Special Benefits of Tower Infrastructure Services

With a personal tower, the data transmission speed increases as it is only your company that is using it.

You can ensure high quality video conferencing with the help of our tower infra and conduct better meetings to improve productivity.

A personal tower will ensure that you and your employees have clear communication without any signal dispute.

How Do We Provide Our Services?

We conduct a thorough RF survey to understand your location and its different characteristics better. Our survey also includes the use of professional software to predict the potential performance of our solutions.

Apart from gauging the area, we also invest efforts in detecting issues that our services can encounter after installation. The results from the simulation we create further help us understand what else can affect the optimum performance of our tower infrastructure solutions for your company.

Next, we compile the data accumulated from the RF survey and issue detection phase to plan out our entire service process. This plan consists of how we will install the tower, what aspects we will pay most attention to and how we will be tackling the detected issues.

Finally, we build and install the tower at the specific location we had determined through the survey.

Though we offer tower infra assistance for all types of connections, we suggest our customers opt for 5G tower installation, which will offer you the fastest connectivity.

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