Data Center Structured Cabling

After working in the telecommunication industry for over a decade, Skylink Communication has now become one of the most sought after companies. To uphold our reputation as eastern India’s best networking company, we have now established detailed services. Moreover, when you opt for our solutions, you get:

Nowadays, the flow of data is rising exponentially, making efficiency and space crucial factors for large-scale businesses. Due to that, it is imperative to install modular yet scalable cabling designs which also optimise space.

This is where our data centre structured cabling solutions come into play. It takes both cooling and energy consumption into consideration and also reduces your technological footprint. Furthermore, after installing our structured cabling solutions, you do not require any other technology to control your business’s communication and data transfer activities.

How Data Structured Cabling Will Help You?

A newly build system would eliminate a significant amount of your company’s network downtime. This way, you can ensure better communication resulting in improved productivity.

Even though structured cabling lasts longer than the majority of networking cabling components, it would only occupy about 5% of your network investments.

Structured cabling divides your company’s complete networking system into individual controllable blocks, which it then attempts to connect to improve performance.

Why Opt For Our Assistance?

We ensure that our cabling system operates without requiring many inputs from your end. Moreover, since it looks after almost every aspect of communication and information transfer, you do not have to exert much labour to achieve a significant level of productivity.

Our structured cabling systems are designed to meet and surpass your business’s loss budgets. We achieve that by creating infrastructures specific to your business’s requirements. This will help you achieve optimum productivity and smoothen the entire data transfer process as well.

All our services are designed only after conducting a thorough RF survey to ensure there are no issues left once our solutions are installed. We use a de-licensed band and simulation software to calculate all the probable issues and design their solutions before installation. 

Our experts have been in the market for over a decade, providing networking services to all types of companies. Now they use their market experience while framing services like data centre structured cabling. With their niche expertise, you get a solution that will not only help you at present but in the future as well.

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