Copper or Fiber Cabling and Termination

Skylink Communication started our endeavour of providing the industry best networking solutions in 2009. Now, we are one of eastern India’s best telecommunications and networking solution providers. Currently, we focus on creating a sustainable telecommunication industry for large scale companies. This is why when you avail of our assistance, you also get:

Since data transfer and online communication have seeped within the modern corporate industry’s crux, there is always a need for improved connectivity. However, achieving so that too within a set budget is pretty challenging.

But we at Skylink have figured a way to offer proper assistance within your stipulated budget. Our copper or fiber cabling and termination solutions help you manage a high volume of cables and ensures your connectivity is never compromised.

Why Your Company Needs It?

The speed at which fiber optics carry data is almost as fast as light. So, if you install fiber optics cabling, you will see a drastic improvement in bot download and upload speed.

Since cabling systems section the cables in your area, it makes managing the entire significantly better. Also, if you install fiber optics, its narrow strands will take much less space that further makes it easier for you to manage.

Our solution lets data centre managers make swift changes depending upon your network growth. This ensures your website is not down for long and you do not low.

The Reason You Should Come to Us

We have created a team of engineers who have been in the market for years and have the capability of understanding the needs of our clients. With the help of our industry experts, we ensure that you can gain optimum productivity irrespective of your business plan.

To ensure that you get exactly what you require, our experts study your business model and understand its different intricacies regarding networking. Then our experts would frame a solution that solely focuses on your business’s requirements and shortcomings.

Our study of your company workflow is based on a simulation we generate through our simulating software. Therefore, it does not only help us understand how well our solutions will work for you but all the potential problems as well. Because of this thorough RF survey, we are able to avoid a large number of problems.

All our services, including copper or fiber cabling and termination solutions, is framed only after understanding your budget. This way, we are able to create a robust service without having you spend more than the amount you have planned to spend on it.

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