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Since 2009, we, at Skylink Communications, have been providing exceptional telecommunication and internet networking solutions. Our area of expertise spans large and mid-scale businesses that require solutions for widespread areas. The wireless last mile connectivity solutions we offer are also for companies that wish to streamline their data transmission.

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Streamlined and fast connectivity can significantly improve the productivity of any company. However, it is not at all straightforward to establish that, especially if your business is widespread across different cities. That is why engineers deduce the last mile carrier solution, which would improve data transmission speed by channelling it from a national level carrier (NLC) to a personalised pathway.

If you are facing issues in terms of delay in data transfer, we suggest you avail wireless last mile connectivity solutions.

Why Go Wireless?

Since there are no wires and cables involved, installation of last-mile carrier devices become extremely simple. Moreover, you can install them at places where cable connected last-mile solutions are not possible.

Though many will debate wire-based connections are better at transferring data, the reality is actually quite different. The speed depends on how the last mile solution was installed in your said location. This means proper assistance can drastically increase the speed.

The absence of wires/cables also means you will not have to purchase multiple parts for installation. There are no trenched cables and leased lines that you will have to maintain and spend your money on actively.

Wireless connectivity is, thus, practical and requires comparatively less maintenance.

Why Choose Our Wireless Last Mile Connectivity Solutions?

We survey your location to gauge the area and collect data about the said location. Through this survey, our engineers can estimate the ideal last-mile connectivity approach for your business. This is how we also anticipate the possible performance of the services we will provide.

Even though an NLC provides 80% of the connectivity pathway, you do not have to bother about dealing with them. As your wireless last mile connectivity provider, we deal with all the issues related to both the LMC and NLC.

All our engineers are industry experts who have been professionally providing telecommunication solutions for years. Hence, they also offer valuable insights.

It is due to their years of experience that they can offer specific solutions. In addition, they formulate these solutions depending upon the area, your requirements and the potential shortcomings that were discovered during the survey.

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