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As professionals, we do not take any chance when it comes to our services and only offer the finest assistance across India. So, if you want the best RF site survey assistance, Skylink is your ultimate answer.

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Before planning any wireless networking solution for a certain business, one must conduct an RF survey across the location. It is extremely important as the placement of devices, their frequency, etc., all depends on the data collected through that survey.

So, if you are looking for proper wireless networking installation, your first step towards it should be an RF site survey from a professional company, like Skylink.

Importance of RF Surveys

Professional RF surveys help with the following:

Though it might seem unnecessary, the height and placement of the towers in your network system can affect connectivity strength significantly.

With the help of this survey, we determine how the new WLAN system will function and remove all the potential hindrances.

Our experts conduct this survey to assess if the concerned location has a minimum signal strength coverage across the area or if it is weak at certain points.

Why Skylink?

We work with industry professionals who have provided these services to customers across eastern India for over 10 years.

Since we use a delicensed band of 2.4/5.8 GHz to establish links, it becomes imperative for us to conduct and provide an RF site survey report.

Our experts will first visit the said location and then stringently take down detailed information about the place. They are very meticulous while collecting this data since even a single number’s discrepancy can affect the results.

We then put the collected data in our tracking software and simulate a path analysis profile. It helps us understand the performance of the future link establishment. Through this analysis, we can locate the potential issues and take care of them right from the beginning.

Once we identify the issues, our next step is to implement proper solutions.

This way, we will prevent major technical difficulties that might have otherwise taken place after installing the networking devices and towers in the location.

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