What Employees Say About Us

Dipu Baroi

Team Lead – Assam

I am grateful to Skylink for providing its employees with various facilities and benefits. I get motivated through these benefits, and they encourage me to work with dedication and commitment.

Biju Biswas

Senior Support Engineer – Orrisa

Skylink always recognizes its employee’s good work, values their dedication, and rewards them appropriately. In addition, it offers a wonderful work culture that constantly encourages me to stay associated with the organization.

Upendra Thakur

Senior Support Engineer – Jharkhand

I would like to thank Skylink for always extending continued support in our crises. It has also helped me recognize the sense of achievement that inspires and promotes me to work more efficiently.

Amit Singh

Senior Support Engineer – Bihar

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Skylink for their acknowledgement and investment in converting our skills into our strengths. I feel immensely privileged to get associated with such an organization.

Saikat Basu

Project Specialist – Orrisa

Skylink treats every employee as an asset to the organization. I feel motivated and respectful towards the company because of its high standards of work ethics and high morals. A very positive work environment that I highly appreciate.

Raju Sypureddy

Lead Support Engineer – Orissa

I am wholeheartedly grateful for the continuous support and help I have received from Skylink. They have helped me improve my capabilities and perform better.  I also commend Skylink as they arranged a COVID-19 corporate vaccination program solely to ensure the safety of its employees. In my opinion, it is a great place to work.

Pathik Das

Senior Support Engineer – Orrisa

“Skylink is an amazing company to work. This organization is very empathetic and always take cares of its employees. I am fortunate and very much happy for my prolonged association with Skylink.”

Satyabrata Dash

Project Manager – Orissa

“Skylink is a very dynamic organization with inclusive work culture. Skylink helped me immensely to enhance my project management and technical skills and now I am efficiently and successfully managing many prestigious projects. I am highly grateful to the organization for showing trust on me and help me grow professionally.”

Raju Bose

Manager Accounts – Kolkata

“I feel very fortunate to have a long term association with Skylink. The company extended all the support to me whenever I needed it most. I must say that Skylink is an employee obsessed organization with a strong focus on customer delights and business ethics.”

Sagar Roy

Technical Lead – Kolkata

Skylink is a platform that provides me ample opportunities to showcase my technical acumen and help me develop new skills, helping me achieve professional growth. That is why I feel fortunate to be an employee of this company.

Arindam Sinha

Senior HR Business Partner – Kolkata

Skylink keeps a check on the health and well-being of its employees. Thus, it offers benefits like medical insurances, child education policy, making the organization a great place to work.

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