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Skylink Communications has been providing support for telecommunication and IT requirements for over 10 years now. Over these years, we have gained valuable insights into our solutions and provide services specific to our clients’ requirements.  We take great pride in:

While corporate work procedures have developed with the updating technologies, it has also brought several components into the picture that didn’t exist previously. These are infrastructural components that support your company’s IT functionalities and streamline the overall work procedure. IT infrastructure solutions are especially crucial if you have a large or mid-scale enterprise scattered across several locations.

With its help, you will be able to expose your business to newer possibilities. As a growing enterprise, you must expand your company’s branches and their communication and IT infrastructure as well. This expansion should also include measures that aid your company’s electrical elements to stay safe under unfavourable conditions. Our IT Infrastructure management service covers exactly that.

Advantages of Our IT Infrastructure Solutions

With our assistance and solutions, you will be able to improve your production efficiency and communication across your employee base.

Personalised IT infrastructural support will enable you to customise its elements according to your choice.

Our solutions will ensure the electronic devices at your workspaces do not get affected by external impacts such as lightning and excessive power surge.

What IT Infrastructure Services Do We Offer?

To ensure clear and uninterrupted communication, we aid you with tower infra support. Along with that, we also conduct structural and design analysis to ensure the tower we build can handle the load produced by your establishment.

We offer permanent and consistent earthing support and protect your company’s infrastructure from electrical issues.

If you are availing our tower infra services, it is crucial that you also install proper lightning arresters with them. Hence, we offer comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions regarding that, so that your towers are safe from potentially dangerous lightning.

Sudden voltage surges can damage the electrical devices in your office. We, thus, offer our SPD (surge protector devices) solutions based on your company infrastructure to prevent such unprecedented instances.

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