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Skylink Communications excels at offering professional telecommunication services to large and mid-scale businesses. We have a decorated portfolio of satisfied customers from across different regions of eastern India. All our services are framed to uplift your productivity and help you reach your fullest potential.

Thus, our assistance can also include:

We make use of IEEE 802.11 WLANs (wireless local area networks) to transport VoIP (voice over internet protocol) traffic. This is a great way of connecting your employees from different regions and facilitating them with clear communication and connectivity.

In addition, the faster and enhanced transmission of verbal information will further improve your productivity. Hence, as a large scale company that is constantly expanding, it is ideal that you use Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) solutions instead of relying on standard telecommunication.

Advantages of Shifting to VoWiFi

There are no area limitations, and you can use it while moving from one place to another. If required, your employees can use it even while working from home.

After shifting to this method of communication, the phone bills of several companies lowered by over 60% on average.

Premium features like auto-attendant usually accompany the voice-over services, call queues and call recordings.

Unlike landline calls, the person’s voice on the other side does not get muffled or fuzzy when you talk through VoWiFi.

Key Features of Our Voice Over WiFi Assistance

At Skylink, we do not just provide you with our services, but we meticulously frame solutions for you based on the requirements and shortcomings of your business. We survey your workplace and collect relevant data from deducing the most accurate way of resolving the issues and provide exactly what you require.

When you avail our assistance, you get to work with a team of industry experts who have provided communication solutions to businesses for a long time now. They can understand what would best work for a particular company and suggest call volumes, VoIP functionalities, etc., accordingly.

We understand that your calls might carry extremely confidential information that you would not want others to get their hands on.

Hence, our assistance is backed with VoIP security that ensures your data completely secure. In addition, the devices we offer feature call encryption and other such technologies that enhance data safety.

As professional Voice over WiFi providers, we try to offer a streamlined installation process. Moreover, we determine what potential difficulties your company can face while using our services through our survey.

To ensure you do not actually face such issues, we resolve them from the begging making overall implementation extremely smooth.

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